According to Google's BrandLab, video is projected to account for as much as 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017. As content marketing strategies evolve and mobile continues to outpace the desktop as the primary digital platform for media consumption, according to a recent comScore report, brands have an opportunity to engage consumers with targeted content as part of a comprehensive marketing and brand development strategy.

What an End User Wants - And How Your Marketing and Advertising Plan Can Deliver

According to industry statistics, close to 80 percent of internet users watch video content on a weekly basis and have expressed the desire to have more direct contact and interaction with their favorite brands and the ability to offer feedback, ask questions and generally have more access to information in an authentic and meaningful way. In this context, web design, creative and marketing strategies should factor the role that video can play in user engagement, customer service, visibility and enhanced brand storytelling.

The Relationship Between Influencer Marketing and Video Content

The potential for social media and influencer marketing to drive traffic, user engagement and hard sales is perhaps most apparent in the retail space, where individuals with large followings on platforms like Instagram have the potential to cause products to sell out within hours by posting a picture of a particular dress or pair of shoes for their massive audiences.

Whether your brand is already using influencer marketing or considering it, adapting Instagram pictures and blog posts to short and clever video posts is an effective way to deliver new content to a captive audience on the digital platforms they are already using.

Benefits of Using Video Content in Marketing - Facts and Figures

  • It's good for SEO strategy - Video generates 41 percent more traffic from search than static content and can increase organic search traffic in Google, Bing and Yahoo by 157 percent

  • Higher conversion rates - Landing pages with video content enjoy as much as an 80-percent higher conversion rate than pages with just text. The rate for homepages is 20 percent.

  • It's good for the bottom line - Brands that incorporate video content into their marketing and advertising platforms enjoy a revenue growth rate that is 49 percent faster than companies that do not use video.

  • YouTube surpasses Facebook in hours of video viewership both in-app and on the internet

  • 60 percent of millennials prefer to watch video over reading newsletter content

  • Video increases the likelihood of mobile device purchases by 40 percent, according to consumers

Tips for Getting Started with Video for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Create video to leverage existing content

  • Livestream to boost engagement

  • Convert static content like PowerPoint presentations and infographics into streaming video format

Social Media Marketing Platforms for Video

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

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